Tuesday, November 14, 2006


We've Moved

So, I dropped of the grid for a few days. And I was doing sooo well with the frequent writing thingy (Haleodomo). Hooch and I have moved (yet again). For those of you who actually send me old-fashioned mail (with postage stamps and all), you are well aware that this is almost an annual tradition. This time, it was not the usual "ants-in-my-pants-been-here-too-long" or "the grass is always greener closer to the beach" move. No, this time the move was actually necessary and dictated by my new job. Thus, I spent the day knee deep in boxes and movers and dust and shit that I didn't even remember was in the closet. Here are a few of the highlights.

1. It never rains in Southern California? Bullshit. Apparently, it only rains on moving day.

2. When I went to get coffee for the movers and myself, I saw a man walking down the road in shorts and a t-shirt...in the rain...carrying a big red funnel. Huh. He had no gas can. The possibilities are endless.

3. Ruby likes to say that she was happy to get married and have kids so the manicurists could finally stop looking at her with pity. But alas, it's no longer only little Vietnamese ladies who want to know if I'm married and have kids and if not, "Why not?" Now it's the movers, too.

4. Upon arrival at the new house, I found a box the movers had labeled "HELMETS".

5. Here's my new kitchen. I'm very excited. It's big and has about 3 times as much cabinet space as my last kitchen. Unpacking today, I already found some votive candles and a cuisinart ice cream maker I'd completely forgotten about.

6. This is the beach. It's right across the street.

O.K. Maybe the grass is a little greener...

Rock on with your bad self. Kitchen? Fabulous. Beach? Even better. I will be right over.
Bwahaha! I make you sing annoying songs, you make me laugh with the boxes full of helmets. Guess who got the better end of THIS deal?
So...in my mind I've pictured what was in the box marked "helmets", but I'm going to ask first - what was in there??

Your new digs are AWESOME!! It could be a shack with a beach like that...but a big beautiful kitchen too?? Niiiiice!
Totslly coming to visit now.

I love the kitchen ... I could do some serious damage to any diet in that kitchen. And across from the beach? Wow.
Very nice. You are movin' on up. Huge kitchen and beach a BIG plus.
Seriously. Gorgeous! And the beach is nice, too. ; )

I can't think of a better place to spend a weekend in Dec./Jan. :) Yay! And I hope unpacking goes well. Oh, and also: a box of helmets? You know we crave pictures. Loves.
The box is, in fact, full of helmets. There is a snowboard helmet, two bike helmets (mine and one for guests), and a helmet for special occasions. More interestingly, there is a box within the box labelled "rubber snakes". Strangely enough, it is filled with rubber snakes. They were originally part of a halloween costume (medusa), but I refuse to get rid of them. You never know when you might need 20 rubber snakes.

And that, my friends, is called thinking ahead.
I can't wait to come down. Very cool.

Sweet. I desperately want a box of rubber snakes. heh heh.

Also: Soooo jealous of your beachfront (practically) property. Can I come visit??
Can I just sit on the floor of your kitchen and breathe in the cool kitchen vibes? I waaaaant your kitchen! It's awesome! Congratulations! :)
Poke...poke...you in there??
Time to post again...ready?
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