Saturday, November 25, 2006


Today's Lesson

If one insists on going commando, one should make a special effort to ensure one's pants are completely zipped.

Live and learn.

Excellent. Though "commando" and "pants with a zipper" are not two concepts that blend well. Ouch.
Thank you for that hint.

My hint of the day - That special old braised cabbage recipe? That takes forever to cook and that you keep tasting? It will come back to haunt you at the movies. Take some beano.
Stampy, we need the rest of that story. You know the rules of dropping hints without telling the whole story: BIG NO-NO!
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Does this story come with pictures???
I'm not optimistic enough to expect pictures - my life never works out that well - but dammit, I do demand a story ... STAT (which means "ASAP" - sorry for the confusing jargon)
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