Thursday, November 02, 2006


In Honor Of KerriAnne

A few days ago, Miss KerriAnneposted about her furnace conking out. In San Diego, this wouldn't mean much. Unfortunately, in the Pacific Northwest, this translasted to COLD. She and her most adorable fiancee Late Show had to wear their winter coats inside, and posted adorable photos. They then challenged the rest of us to post photos of us in our winter best. I love Miss KerriKerriQuiteContrary, and thus submit the following for your viewing pleasure...

Here's Hooch giving props to West Coast Choppers...

And here are Hooch and I pretending to be Brittany and K-fed...

Happy Thursday Miss KerriAnne.

I'm sorry, you're not white trash enough to qualify as Brit and K-fed. You also need a couple of puppies who were born less than a year apart!

By the way, you both are too cute in winter stuff. It's 25 degrees here right now, you'd actually have use for that here!
I am so confused - I can't see the pictures! Am I going selectively blind?! HELP ME I'M BLIND!!!
You and your dogs rock. You posting every day is the best thing about NaBloPoMo.
Oh! Bien joue! I see the Brit and K-Fed, although it's true you're a little too clean to pull it off, completely. If you added some bare feet and a rest-stop bathroom background, you'd be dead-on.
Aren't you and Hooch just the cutest ever.
Awwwh. Love you, too. And: Hurrah! This just made my weekend.

Oh, and also: I'm calling you tomorrow. (Monday. So, technically, that is today.) :)
Oh...excellent. I'm feeling inspired to run home and put my dog in a sweatshirt.
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