Sunday, November 05, 2006


CSI Update

Um, yeah. So that smell that was driving me crazy? The smell that had me blaming the dog? The smell that had me crawling around my living room and kitchen with a black light? Turns out it was the fancy hand soap in the kitchen. Apparently, I don't like the smell of lemon-verbena. Who knew?

The offending soap and matching moisturizer have been discarded, the dog has received apologies and biscuits, and olfactory happiness once again reigns at Chez Stampy.

Ok. The image of you crawling around the living room and the kitchen with a black light is just priceless.
Funny. I have a big aversion to the smell of lavender, which apparently most people like. I mean, a stomach-churning, think-I'm-gonna-barf kind of aversion.

I went to a nice restaurant and when I found out they served lavender creme brulee, I was so upset that anyone would do that to creme brulee that I lost my appetite and could not order dessert.
You know what else smells sick? Rotting gourds. Leftover from Halloween-esque decorations. On your dinning room table. Growing a fabulous shade of BLUE mold.

I feel your pain.

At least the hand soap and squash mold are gone!
I hate stinky hand soap. It's always so sickly sweet ... like a flower farted.

The truth now .. you took that black light and checked some items in your closet, dintcha? And the verdict?
Kerrianne-Thanks for the memories. Glad I could make you laugh. Wish I could say it was a gag, but I really did crawl around.

Suebob-Note to self: When you come visit (and you will!) hide lavender soaps and pull lavender creme brulee from tasting menu (and replace with red wine flourless chocolate cake)

Princess-You are a case in point of why I was a bitter bitch this Halloween and got NO pumpkins or gourds. Thanks for the validation.

And Nilbo...EWWW! Who do you think I am? Monica Lewinsky? I always do laundry after giving head in the oval office! And my cigars? I smoke them myself! (Insert evil-looking smily face here.)
smoke 'em if you got 'em!

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