Monday, October 16, 2006


Your Dreams Miss You...


I don't know if you've seen the commercial for that new sleep aid where Abe Lincoln and the GroundHog are waiting for the sleepless pudgy guy, but it got me thinking...I've left my dreams waiting for quite some time. I could talk about the heartfelt desires that have been crushed. I could talk about the dreams of making the world a better place that have been laughed down. Or, I could be true to myself and make it fun and completely devoid of meaning. After all, I dream about famous people and talking animals, too.

...this is the old beater I picked out (and Ah-sweep-ay bought) and was subsequently sold. I will one day own a true desert beater.

...this is an awesome bar in Big Bear, CA where I hope to spend many drunk evenings...

...and one day someone in Cancun will throw me a Cuban cigar...

...finally, I hope to one day work the phrase "trick-fucking" into a conversation. Ruby will be so proud.

Hey, girl, long time no post. I have been missing you.

Yes, dreams. I need to get some of those myself. I dream too much or too little, that is my problem.
When you stop dreaming, you stop living.
I love that commercial, although I can admit to being not so fond of the badger-looking fellow. I have always been scared of moles. The underground rodents, not the skin additions. ;)

I miss you. Will you come to Portland to play soon? I hear the beach is soggy this time of year. ;) loves.
Can I go to Cancun with you?
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