Friday, September 29, 2006


IsThere A Pro Shuffleboard Tour?

Tonight, as I was driving home across the bridge, I noticed the moon. It was just larger than a quarter moon. The kind and size of moon that should have an illustrated face. The kind of moon with a cow sitting on it while cutlery got up to some no-good shenanigans in some twisted version of “Hey-diddle-diddle”. The moon was stunningly beautiful, and it was all the more noticeable due to its recent absence. (It’s been REALLY dark here at night – just work with me on this one.)

The real reason I was able to appreciate the moon, however, was because I was ensconced in the quiet, climate-controlled luxury of a Toyota Avalon. Yes, that’s right. I own a 4-door sedan. It is my very first "adult" car. Unless you count my first car (a 2-door 1982 Toyota Corolla with well over 100,000 miles on it when I took possession) as a mature choice. And o.k., o.k. There was that one regrettable period with a Volvo station wagon during which all my friends would clamor, “Hey, mom! Mom! Can we get ice cream after soccer practice?” whenever I was the designated driver. But other than that, all my cars have had off-road potential and some level of "indie cred". I NEVER THOUGHT I’D OWN A SEDAN!

Of all the cars I’ve loved before, the last one – a Jeep Wrangler – fit me best. The top was rarely up on it (and yes, I got rained on countless times). I’d drive it into work with a fleece jacket and a ski cap on, stereo blaring GnR. I’d drive home in a t-shirt with my hair flying everywhere, Godsmack blaring. It went 4wheeling in 29 Palms, the Mojave desert, and a few other places it probably wasn;t invited, with Lynnard Skynnard blaring. I was Little Miss HotShit with my hair on fire. Then, I spent 3 winter months in Seattle and drove back and forth up the I-5 in said Jeep – a vehicle not well suited to long distance travel and/or rainy climates. Shortly after I arrived back in San Diego, I was at the Toyota dealership demanding a car with a trunk in which I could leave my golf clubs. Enter the Avalon.

I still miss the Jeep. But it was new. It lacked character that can only be earned with some serious mileage. I realized I don’t need a Jeep that costs a shit-ton of money and has less miles on it than I do. What I need is an old $2000 Jeep and a cute guy who can fix it with some antifreeze and a roll of duct tape.

And I hope you get it!
Guns N' Roses ROCK!!
It's OK, darlin'. You can own a sedan. Don't get defensive about it. Just drive it carefully, and don't turn the Lawrence Welk music up too loud ...
nest it will be easy spirit shoes for you, with velcro instead of laces.
I traded in a little convertible for a 4 door. Dammit! It was the copious trunk space that got me.
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