Monday, September 18, 2006


Happy Birthday, Amanda B.!

CLARIFICATION: These are all honest to goodness quotes I received via e-mail in honor of Amanda B. O.K. O.K. The goat quote I made up. So sue me.

Quotes in honor of your birthday...

“Well, I hope you don't smoke pork fat cause I think that increases the health hazard by a factor of at least 2...”

“I have a feeling that Amanda would LOVE to see someone grease themselves up and ride an electric bull. But there isn't one in my area, so I'm leaving this idea open to others. Bucky?”

“Hold your left leg and right arm up in the air, put your right foot on the red dot and your left hand on the goat…”

...Happy quotes for Miss Amanda B. on her very most happiest of birthdays. Somewhere, there is a youtube video of a talking chicken that can play tic-tac-toe squawking “Fascists suck!”. I just can’t seem to get it posted.

Awesome. I'm with you on the inability to post to YouTube. It's so confusing! Or I'm so inept! Or both!

: )

(hey! stranger. wanna set a phone date?)
Aw, thank you so much Sweetheart. I love you!
Ha ha !
I love the quotes you picked.
It's been fun goofing off and celebrating her birthday.
Still can't access gmail...I miss you so damn much!! Please come. I found a fare for $630 round trip!! I will call when we get vonage back up.
Love you
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