Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Dude, Where's My G-mail?

What just happened? I go out of town for a week and my internet-connectedness falls apart (surprisingly, with no overt help from me this time). I returned from a leisurely yet smoke-filled game of Bingo at the local Moose Lodge only to find my g-mail inbox totally empty. I don't mean there were no NEW e-mails (which-if there weren't-shame on all of you...Stampy's need love, too). I mean the entire box was GONE. The sent mail box is untouched. The trash is filled with messages that I ACTUALLY deleted. The rest? GONE! GONE, I tell you. So if you wrote to me today, please resend it. And if you didn't? Pretend that you did and send me some mail. I'll be none the wiser.

p.s. Having a grand old time in North Carolina. Have turned trip into a kind of white-trash adventure vacation. Think "The SPA at Dollywood" only with much less cleavage.

That's crazy! Did they fix it for you?
No, Dima. No one has fixed anything. I don't think I lost anything important, and I keep expecting them to turn up like that missing sock tucked down in the corner of the fitted sheet. But so far, I'm still a one-sock g-mail-less geek.
How could any visit to the Moose Lodge end so tragically? I am shocked, shamed and dismayed.
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