Thursday, September 14, 2006


Awkward Moments in Air Travel

Following a tortuous overnight flight to the East Coast, a curly-headed blonde consumes a giant black coffee in an effort to re-energize. Four clues into Friday’s NYTimes crossword puzzle, she falls asleep with her computer open in her lap. Awakening an unknown amount of time later (during which time she is sure she has been mouth breathing), she finds herself and a strange, staring man the only non-employees left at the gate. “They’re making the last call for boarding. I was going to wake you.” “Um, yeah. Thanks.”

Same thing happened to me in the Paris airport on my way back home last summer. I don't think anyone was going to wake me up. Thank goodness I woke up, because the next day Brtitish Airways went into strike and I would've had to pay a ton of money to get back home!

Ah, traveling. The joys of it :)
Ah, the awkward moments. They're like special little souvenirs that you didn't have to pay for. And that you didn't really want, come to think of it.
lol, well I hope you made it safely!

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