Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Achewood ROCKS!

If you are not already a fan of the most awesome online... Oh hell, I'm so uncool I don't know what to call it - "'zine"? "comic strip"? "graphic novel"? Fuck it! If you're not a fan of Achewood, you should be. (Please see link to left. I'm too tired to figure out the computer-ese to link it.) You must check out the strip from today - September 5 - on the saddest thing ever. If Chris Onstaad was not already married with a child, I would definitely make one of my weirder friends stalk him.

p.s. If you like today's strip, go back a few to the "insult-o-rama" strip. Still crying inside over that one.
p.p.s. If I ever really get some stones and start posting what I really think, I might have to ask if I can use "no limits, no knuckles" as my new site address.

How did I live without Achewood all this time?? HOW??

Also: I'm with you on the needing stones bit. However, I have resigned myself to exist without them; I've seen what raging honesty gets bloggers, and it ain't pretty.
I loved the "PrankCalling" strip. Classic. What was "Cathy?" all about anyway? Besides "aacking!" and standing in fitting rooms, that is. ;)

No limits, no knuckles is indeed perfect for (your momma jokes, yes!, and also)a tagline for your new site. Speaking of, you bring the wood, I'll bring the matches, and the fire under Chris shall be lit. ;)
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