Monday, August 21, 2006


Potential Band Names

1. Something Wrong With George
2. 6foot4
3. Paul Revere’s Granddaughter
4. Stone Cold Fuck Nuts
5. Gradient Coil
6. Purely Experimental
7. Vitriol of Mars
8. Cheese Is Good

Cheese IS good.
Paul Revere's Grandaughter is my fav.
Yeah, I'm going to have to agree on the cheese comment. Not that its great for a band name but I was just saying...cheese IS good! :)
How about "George Gone Wrong"?
There was a band on the movie "Reality Bites" called "Hey, That's My Bike!" I thought that was a great name for a band.
SPF 35

Ah, yes. Thanks for the reminder, Ruby - our hiphop band names. Now we only need some skillz.
Stone Cold Fuck Nuts George W.

That would get my vote.
Stone Cold Fuck Nuts gets my vote.
I like "Paul Revere's Granddaughter."

Or "Tator Tot Casserole."


(Do you hate me/us now? After the spontaneous non site designage due to sudden influx of The Little Sister's Wedding? I am sorry!)

And did I thank you for the play? I had it in my mind that I had written you a very grandiose email explaining with glee that I had indeed! heard of the author (I love! Shakespeare in Love), and that I was so enjoying it that I was considering coming to St. Diego, to personally hump you, errr, thank! you. But knowing me, I probably still have that email in a draft somewhere. I am such a retard sometimes.

So, yes! THANK you. You are rad(ical). ; )
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