Thursday, August 10, 2006


Julie T. Would Say "Asshole", I Call Irony a Cold-hearted Bitch

So, ever since January, I've been excited about my future. Sure, the everyday shit still gets me down. But, I had my next job lined up. I was going to North Carolina...far from Southern California, close to my family. Then I decided to extend my training for a few months. I was assured this would have no effect on my next posting. North Carolina was still locked in. Today, I talked to the man who controls my future. He is the gentleman that controls my next job - ah, soooo much power. And he e-mailed me "Good News!" Guess what, I get to stay in Southern California. Yes, that's right. So many people are fighting for this particular job at this particular hospital. It is just north of San Diego. And I am the only individual who doesn't want to go there.

Why? Oh yes, did I forget to mention that Ah-sweep-ay will be one of my new partners?

That's right...Irony, she is a cold-hearted BITCH.

Oh man! That's not good. I'm sorry!
Got your message... will call back today.

I am sorry :-( but for my sake, I think it's cool that you're staying here. You can also live in Encinitas or the beachy side of Carlsbad and I think it's really nice there. I would have bought in Encinitas if I could have afforded it.

Irony has an awful lot of nerve.
So dude, I'm sorry. But it means that I am planning a trip down to see you very soon.

I might drive, I might fly - who knows. Stock the liquor cabinet.

Oh man! Quelle bummer.
Oh god, you "get" to stay in California and you're going to have to put up with Ah-sweep-ay?

C, I'm totally hitching a ride with you. I'll be a hitch-hiker, you be the picker-up. ;)

We shall drink your anti-California sentiments away! Or just drink!

Am sorry, Sam. smooches babe.
Oh SHIT...that BLOWS!
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