Sunday, August 06, 2006


It Must Be Kismet...

Addendum: Foiled again, Batman! After watching the whole sketch, Larry Miller doesn't even mention the "Seven Stages" in this sketch. That being said, watch it if you can. His description of your first time skiing had me crying.

For months now, I've been trying to track down one of my favorite comedy sketches...Larry Miller on "The Seven Stages of Drunken-ness". I've been doing my painful, lame-ass recollections...Ha Ha Ha. Yeah, it lacks something in translation. I've searched for a copy on Amazon. No luck. I've looked for the out-take on YouTube. Again, no luck. I'd just about given up.

Tonight, after Ruby's going away party (she leaves for Japan on Thursday and I'm still in denial) and while trying to establish I-chat with Kerri and her articulate fiancee Chris (negative ion girl fails again), I happened to be perusing HBO on Demand. And what to my wondering eyes should appear? No, not any reindeer. The Larry Miller comedy special from 1992. Bless my random luck. If you have HBO on Demand, I highly recommend you watch it. And if you know how to convert it to DVD, could you PLEASE send me copy.

And please, Don't go skiing.

I can probably figure out a way to record it onto VHS for you.
My favorite(s) are both from Chris Rock. His thing on hooker heels and the "guy" friend. Which translates to "dick in a glass" in emergency break glass.

Fell on the floor laughing in front of my boyfriend once and had to admit that yes, it was true sometimes.
I LOVE Larry Miller. He's one of the funniest guys ever and...very, very intelligent.

Larry Miller's just Wordgirl
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