Tuesday, August 22, 2006


In which we decide...

...that Hooch is just too cute.

...that pink lipstick is definitely not for me.

...that one can never have too many pairs of cute orange shoes.

...that cowboy hats with flames on them make me irrationally happy.

And, finally, we decide that I should probably go to sleep if I am going to get up at 5am. Good night!

Orange shoes! Yeeeeeaaaah.
Damn baby, you look great!!
I love the shoes! Orange is a great color. And the lipstick, it may take getting used to, but I think you can pull it off... IN A CIRCUS! :)
I like the sandal orange shoes. I don't even have one pair of orange shoes though, what up?

Hooch finally has ears. :-)
Yes, Hoooray orange shoes. And I had to prove to Dima that Hooch does have ears.
I love your dog.
I love the sitting "Indian-style" (something I cannot do) to take the last pic. Oh, and the better than sex hair.

: )
Hooch is adorable and yes, one can never have too many cool shoes...never.
Dude, your peepers sure are sexxy!! And yes Hooch is adorable.
Lets not talk about the shoes; so many shoes, so little time!!
Hooch is a cute pooch. *hee*

LOVE the shoes on the left.
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