Monday, August 07, 2006


Happy Trails...

I haven't really come to terms with it yet. Ruby, the Bobo, and Squirrelnuts leave for Japan on Thursday. Everyone else is crying and saying goodbye. I am in denial. One of our best friends, SuzyQ, had a going away party for them on Saturday. I'll talk about it later, but I just wanted to post a few photos in the interim...




As far as this last photo goes, all I can think about is an old Friends rerun...the one where Monica says, "The camera adds 5 pounds." And someone else replies, "How many cameras were on you?" Just let me say that the dress I am wearing swirled, and we were all in action.

Happy trails, Bobos. Safe journey and rapid returns!

Awww. Sad. If you wanna come over and complain about it with me, you'll be in good company. ;-)
Please tell me you are singing them "Happy Trails" before they depart. Please.


Here's to safe travels (lifts imaginary martini) and safe homeward bounds!
I'm with Kerri, on the martini part.
Happy trails and enjoy the sushi!!

We'll take care of you!!
Does that kid have a whoopie cushion in the top picture?
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