Thursday, August 03, 2006


Been there, done that...

addendum: (not five minutes later) I will link to all the wonderful women below soon. I am too lazy, and there is too much syrah in me right now to navigate computerland.

Yes, I went to BlogHer 2006. There was drama, there was drunken-ness. Most importantly, there were a buttload of really cool ladies that I met that I now will stalk endlessly. I met some famous bloggers: Dooce, Heather Champ, Maggie Mason and Amalah (and I now know why my Nana always called me Samalah). They were not only larger than life, but sweeter than honey. I met some people I've been reading for a while: Amanda B. and Kerri Anne. They were as sweet as I expected them to be, and as fiery as red hot chili peppers. I met some people I should have met a long time ago: Chantel, Sue Bob, and countless others. They should have been childhood friends, but thank the universe I've been drunk with them now. And Sherri...I'd met her briefly in NYC, but had the pleasure of hosting her in San Diego and driving her sunburnt self to San Jose.

When I first got to San Jose, I thought, "What a mistake. I don't belong here." I didn't like the drama. I was embarassed to say I was on Blogger. People asked me what I blogged about and I thought, "Fuck, I don't know". I responded, "Well, I don't know." Then, I realized, it really doesn't matter. I was there for ME. I was there to meet people that I thought were interesting, and, hopefully, people who thought I was interesting as well.

If I made even a few new friends out of this, it was worth every mile, every dollar, and every Jane-barbie in a bad denim combo. Ladies, next year the first round of margaritas is on me.

I'm there. I never pass a free margarita!
Margarita's kicked my butt last night. But I'll go again!!

:) Planning trip to San Diego!!
If you want off Blogger, I can help you with that. ;-)
Stampy, KerriAnne told me you wanted to talk to me about a new website?
You wre one of the people that I met that I definitely want to meet again. I hope there is a pool and weather nice enough to hang out by it next year.
I felt totally not cool enough to hang out with you. You cracked my shit up. I could have sat and drank and listened to you do your thing all day and all night.
I think you meant to say "First round of Heinekens." ;)

Also, you (and your stampy dance!) were definitely one of my favorite parts of the weekend. : )
I am sooooo glad I got to meet you. You are gorgeous and brilliant- I wish we'd had longer to hang out! Remember you are always welcome in Mississippi.
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