Tuesday, August 29, 2006


The Good, The Bad, and The Funny-Looking

This weekend, I spent some time with Tammi Faye and Fun Bobby. See, Fun Bobby is getting ready to deploy yet again – this time, right in the middle of badness. So I took the opportunity to have some fun with some wonderful people and some wonderful dogs.

The day started out with a trip to the park for the puppies. Tammi Faye had found a manmade lake in an unoccupied office park where dogs could swim. Don’t worry – the water has been tested and is very safe. I got some great video. Unfortunately, negative ion girl isn’t sure how to load it onto her computer OR post it. I’ll figure it out eventually. In the meantime, enjoy the stills.

Tammi Faye and the Hounds

Sheba. Hungarian Circus dog hunted to near extinction by gypsies. She knows many tricks but chooses not to do them as this would blow her cover in the witness puptection program.

Buddy. The most awesome puppy ever.

Hooch and Gunnar swimming. Please note that while Gunnar has assumed a hydrodynamic pose, Hooch appears to be trying to run up out of the lake. He still kept up though.

The boys (Fun Bobby and friends) had, meanwhile, gone to a baseball game up north. Drunkney had volunteered to be the designated driver. Let’s just say this was poor planning on everyone’s part. We received a drunken call in the early afternoon to come pick them up in Newport Beach. We road up with a friend and her 7 month old (yeah, good times). Tammi Faye fixed two road sodas (grey goose and Gatorade) which were a bit strong, which brings us to the white-trash moment of our day. We stopped to get gas. I proceeded to remix cocktails in Gatorade bottles – in a gas station parking lot – with a baby in a car seat right next to me. Nothing but class. I know.

We arrived up there and met the boys. I had the pleasure of meeting SweetRob and Miss Frankie. FYI - That is Drunkney's drunken finger in the first photo.

If I could have kidnapped Frankie, I would have. We then proceeded to hit a couple bars in Newport Beach (Mutt Lynch’s, the Beach Ball). Maybe I’ll write about that later.

Suffice it to say, I had a shitty day at work. Remembering that it was still possible to have fun amidst the shit made Saturday well worth it.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


In which we decide...

...that Hooch is just too cute.

...that pink lipstick is definitely not for me.

...that one can never have too many pairs of cute orange shoes.

...that cowboy hats with flames on them make me irrationally happy.

And, finally, we decide that I should probably go to sleep if I am going to get up at 5am. Good night!

Monday, August 21, 2006


Potential Band Names

1. Something Wrong With George
2. 6foot4
3. Paul Revere’s Granddaughter
4. Stone Cold Fuck Nuts
5. Gradient Coil
6. Purely Experimental
7. Vitriol of Mars
8. Cheese Is Good

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Julie T. Would Say "Asshole", I Call Irony a Cold-hearted Bitch

So, ever since January, I've been excited about my future. Sure, the everyday shit still gets me down. But, I had my next job lined up. I was going to North Carolina...far from Southern California, close to my family. Then I decided to extend my training for a few months. I was assured this would have no effect on my next posting. North Carolina was still locked in. Today, I talked to the man who controls my future. He is the gentleman that controls my next job - ah, soooo much power. And he e-mailed me "Good News!" Guess what, I get to stay in Southern California. Yes, that's right. So many people are fighting for this particular job at this particular hospital. It is just north of San Diego. And I am the only individual who doesn't want to go there.

Why? Oh yes, did I forget to mention that Ah-sweep-ay will be one of my new partners?

That's right...Irony, she is a cold-hearted BITCH.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


The Nightmare Before Thursday

While living in sunny, Southern California, it is sometimes entertaining to turn the perfect summer night into something much more ominous...

Then again, how ominous can it be when you have a puppy who loves to pose with fruit...

So Happy Halloweeny Thursday in August!

Monday, August 07, 2006


Happy Trails...

I haven't really come to terms with it yet. Ruby, the Bobo, and Squirrelnuts leave for Japan on Thursday. Everyone else is crying and saying goodbye. I am in denial. One of our best friends, SuzyQ, had a going away party for them on Saturday. I'll talk about it later, but I just wanted to post a few photos in the interim...




As far as this last photo goes, all I can think about is an old Friends rerun...the one where Monica says, "The camera adds 5 pounds." And someone else replies, "How many cameras were on you?" Just let me say that the dress I am wearing swirled, and we were all in action.

Happy trails, Bobos. Safe journey and rapid returns!

Sunday, August 06, 2006


It Must Be Kismet...

Addendum: Foiled again, Batman! After watching the whole sketch, Larry Miller doesn't even mention the "Seven Stages" in this sketch. That being said, watch it if you can. His description of your first time skiing had me crying.

For months now, I've been trying to track down one of my favorite comedy sketches...Larry Miller on "The Seven Stages of Drunken-ness". I've been doing my painful, lame-ass recollections...Ha Ha Ha. Yeah, it lacks something in translation. I've searched for a copy on Amazon. No luck. I've looked for the out-take on YouTube. Again, no luck. I'd just about given up.

Tonight, after Ruby's going away party (she leaves for Japan on Thursday and I'm still in denial) and while trying to establish I-chat with Kerri and her articulate fiancee Chris (negative ion girl fails again), I happened to be perusing HBO on Demand. And what to my wondering eyes should appear? No, not any reindeer. The Larry Miller comedy special from 1992. Bless my random luck. If you have HBO on Demand, I highly recommend you watch it. And if you know how to convert it to DVD, could you PLEASE send me copy.

And please, Don't go skiing.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Been there, done that...

addendum: (not five minutes later) I will link to all the wonderful women below soon. I am too lazy, and there is too much syrah in me right now to navigate computerland.

Yes, I went to BlogHer 2006. There was drama, there was drunken-ness. Most importantly, there were a buttload of really cool ladies that I met that I now will stalk endlessly. I met some famous bloggers: Dooce, Heather Champ, Maggie Mason and Amalah (and I now know why my Nana always called me Samalah). They were not only larger than life, but sweeter than honey. I met some people I've been reading for a while: Amanda B. and Kerri Anne. They were as sweet as I expected them to be, and as fiery as red hot chili peppers. I met some people I should have met a long time ago: Chantel, Sue Bob, and countless others. They should have been childhood friends, but thank the universe I've been drunk with them now. And Sherri...I'd met her briefly in NYC, but had the pleasure of hosting her in San Diego and driving her sunburnt self to San Jose.

When I first got to San Jose, I thought, "What a mistake. I don't belong here." I didn't like the drama. I was embarassed to say I was on Blogger. People asked me what I blogged about and I thought, "Fuck, I don't know". I responded, "Well, I guess...um...I don't know." Then, I realized, it really doesn't matter. I was there for ME. I was there to meet people that I thought were interesting, and, hopefully, people who thought I was interesting as well.

If I made even a few new friends out of this, it was worth every mile, every dollar, and every Jane-barbie in a bad denim combo. Ladies, next year the first round of margaritas is on me.

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