Monday, July 31, 2006


Two Different Views of the Same Reality

These two pictures are both taken at the same time on the same day. Just by looking at them with different light and coloring, I feel two completely different sensations. The first (color) picture reminds me of a warm but windy day at the beach where anything is possible. The second scene (while equally, if not more beautiful) makes me feel chilled - like I'd rather be wrapped up in a warm blanket while viewing it from the inside of a window.

No hidden message here. Just too tired to write about the fabulous drive up, the drama (good and bad) that was BlogHer, the mother f'in hives (which have returned), and Stampy's Not-so-Excellent Adventure (aka "the drive home"). That being said, I'm going to drag my ass upstairs to my stuffy and unairconditioned bedroom and place myself in the hands of modern medicines. Good night, all!

Ugh. Bad drive, eh? I still wish I'd gone. Not missing the next one.

Hope you feel better Stampy!!!
San Diego?

Isn't that German for "whale's vagina"? ;)

Also, happy belated birthday beyotch! :)
Long drive eh?

I think we should invent a "Hivesbegone" product? Whaddyasay?
I hope you feel better soon. New reader here. Didn't go to BlogHer.
*kicks hives*

Hope you feel better!!
That's life. Same picture. Different perceptions.

Get better!
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