Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Sonoma on Many, Many Dollars a Day

Flight on Southwest = relatively cheap.
Night at the Pelican Inn = pretty expensive
Night at the Hotel Duchamp = really fucking expensive
Lincoln Towncar and Driver = less than the cost of a DUI
2+ cases of wine I bought = uh oh, how am I getting this home

One last girls weekend with Ruby* = Priceless

*Including martinis at the airport, some poor stranger hearing a story about a high colonic, hiking Muir Woods and Mt Tamalpais, Wine Tasting in Sonoma, playing Bocce Ball with a bottle of Sangiovese, meeting Ronald McDonald, skinny dipping in a hotel pool, mud baths, and more.

*Photos and more details to follow.

Sounds like you know how to have fun.
I heard the "lesbian retreat" was all the rage.
photos of the skinny dipping? woohoo!!!
sounds competly lovely
Now THAT sounds like my kind of fun.
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