Sunday, July 16, 2006


Happy Birthday To Me...

In a few short minutes, it will be July 17th - my birthday. And as is my tradition every year for the last several years (since I first turned 29), I will get a bit maudlin. Here is the pattern... In the weeks leading up to my birthday, I will get very excited. I will think of parties I want to have and gifts I want to get. But about a week before my birthday, I will begin to sink into a funk. When friends ask me what I want to do, I'll say, "Nothing really." When my mom asks me what I want, I'll say, "I don't know. I don't really need anything." It's not an attempt to be coy. There is just no longer any desire. Just a vague feeling of failure. I have already been thinking of everything I haven't done and everything I won't have time to do.

Today (in the midst of a week of Saturday/Monday/Wednesday call), I had a wonderful birthday brunch with Ruby, Five, Mr. Lavender, Smelly Elly (who at her parents' request shall henceforth be referred to as Elly Belly), Waltzing Matilda, my dad, and Uncle Data Man. While a little sleepy post-call, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. But all I could think of was the tagline from a birthday card I'd bought for Ruby (which I will now have to replace)...


I still don't feel so good. But boy, I do feel old.

Happy Birthday, old lady. ;-)

I hate it too, when people ask me what I want to do for my big day. Shouldn't they just know? Shouldn't the be planning some big surprise? It's no fun when you have to tell everyone...

Celebrate like a champ! Woooo!
I don't like telling people when mine is, at least not remind them.

Happy Birthday!

By the way, what does it mean when you say "since I first turned 29?" How many times have you turned 29? :)

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day. Let me know what you think about the funny pics I'm sending. Happy, Happy!sm
Happy BIRTHDAY!!! Let everyone spoil you rotten.
Happy Barfday, darlin' ... and don't be so scared of being old. I mean .. considering the alternatives ...?
And Dima .. she's still 29. She's just switched to Celsius.
Happy birthday... we'll have to do a dual celebration next week.

I get a little down around my birthday, too. ;-)
happy cake, drink beverages and have some fun
Happy Birthday (late) Sweetie!
Raise your hand if you're tired of this post!
(Raises hand with apologetic expression.)

I'm not raising my hand AT you. I'm raising it WITH you!

Oh, and ... Happy Belated Birthday!
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