Monday, July 31, 2006


Can't Suspend Disbelief...

Is anyone else watching "Blade:The Series" on Spike TV. I'm just catching up on the episodes I dvr'd and I'm on "Bloodlines". Blade gets hit by an armored car and taken hostage. His "familiar" is desperately searching for him. O.K. So I'll watch a series on vampires and a special vampire/vampire killer who happens to ride a motorcycle. That I can accept. He has kickass sunglasses that have video feed (In and Out), weapons that simulate sunlight, and garlic bombs. This I can also accept. But if they have all that, why didn't they LoJack the fucker? I mean, my dog (my real, non-immortal dog, with no weapons except deadly farts) is LoJacked. So why isn't Blade?

I confess that I've never seen "Blade", though HBO's "Big Love" has me by the short hairs.
Good point.
That is one very good question. Now let us go and get a steak and a martini.
My kids aren't lo-jacked either. It would seem logical.
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