Monday, July 31, 2006


Can't Suspend Disbelief...

Is anyone else watching "Blade:The Series" on Spike TV. I'm just catching up on the episodes I dvr'd and I'm on "Bloodlines". Blade gets hit by an armored car and taken hostage. His "familiar" is desperately searching for him. O.K. So I'll watch a series on vampires and a special vampire/vampire killer who happens to ride a motorcycle. That I can accept. He has kickass sunglasses that have video feed (In and Out), weapons that simulate sunlight, and garlic bombs. This I can also accept. But if they have all that, why didn't they LoJack the fucker? I mean, my dog (my real, non-immortal dog, with no weapons except deadly farts) is LoJacked. So why isn't Blade?


Two Different Views of the Same Reality

These two pictures are both taken at the same time on the same day. Just by looking at them with different light and coloring, I feel two completely different sensations. The first (color) picture reminds me of a warm but windy day at the beach where anything is possible. The second scene (while equally, if not more beautiful) makes me feel chilled - like I'd rather be wrapped up in a warm blanket while viewing it from the inside of a window.

No hidden message here. Just too tired to write about the fabulous drive up, the drama (good and bad) that was BlogHer, the mother f'in hives (which have returned), and Stampy's Not-so-Excellent Adventure (aka "the drive home"). That being said, I'm going to drag my ass upstairs to my stuffy and unairconditioned bedroom and place myself in the hands of modern medicines. Good night, all!

Sunday, July 16, 2006


Happy Birthday To Me...

In a few short minutes, it will be July 17th - my birthday. And as is my tradition every year for the last several years (since I first turned 29), I will get a bit maudlin. Here is the pattern... In the weeks leading up to my birthday, I will get very excited. I will think of parties I want to have and gifts I want to get. But about a week before my birthday, I will begin to sink into a funk. When friends ask me what I want to do, I'll say, "Nothing really." When my mom asks me what I want, I'll say, "I don't know. I don't really need anything." It's not an attempt to be coy. There is just no longer any desire. Just a vague feeling of failure. I have already been thinking of everything I haven't done and everything I won't have time to do.

Today (in the midst of a week of Saturday/Monday/Wednesday call), I had a wonderful birthday brunch with Ruby, Five, Mr. Lavender, Smelly Elly (who at her parents' request shall henceforth be referred to as Elly Belly), Waltzing Matilda, my dad, and Uncle Data Man. While a little sleepy post-call, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. But all I could think of was the tagline from a birthday card I'd bought for Ruby (which I will now have to replace)...


I still don't feel so good. But boy, I do feel old.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Sonoma on Many, Many Dollars a Day

Flight on Southwest = relatively cheap.
Night at the Pelican Inn = pretty expensive
Night at the Hotel Duchamp = really fucking expensive
Lincoln Towncar and Driver = less than the cost of a DUI
2+ cases of wine I bought = uh oh, how am I getting this home

One last girls weekend with Ruby* = Priceless

*Including martinis at the airport, some poor stranger hearing a story about a high colonic, hiking Muir Woods and Mt Tamalpais, Wine Tasting in Sonoma, playing Bocce Ball with a bottle of Sangiovese, meeting Ronald McDonald, skinny dipping in a hotel pool, mud baths, and more.

*Photos and more details to follow.

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