Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Wish List Wednesday

1. A badge that made it legal for me to stand at freeway on/off ramps (you know, the ones where people drive all the way past a long line of traffic and then cut everyone in line off) and shoot the tires out of cars that don’t respect the common decency laws of merging. See, I figure shooting the tires is not only more dramatic than a mere ticket, but will also slow the bastards down and cost them some money.

2. A really good blender that crushes ice and makes frozen margaritas like a dream.

3. To have finished residency on time and with the rest of my class. While I recognize the benefit of the extra training, it has been more than a little bittersweet to attend all the celebrations and dinners while knowing that I’m going to be here for 6 more months.

4. A sudden return of my memory of all the Spanish and French that I’ve learned over the years. Also, the ability to communicate well in both languages (beyond just “one more beer please, cabana boy”).

5. Oooh! A cabana boy! Those always come in handy.

6. More shoes like these...

...which I wore to one of the aforementioned celebrations. These and a cute date make you feel almost bulletproof. (That is, unless you trip over a stump on the walk to your front door and go flying ass-over-teakettle onto the sidewalk.)

Happy Wednesday.

my wish list would include a siren and lights for my vet purple please
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