Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Wish List Wednesday - Sophomore Effort

Until last night at about 9pm, this list would have consisted of various wishes that my chronic urticaria (fancy doctor words for in-fucking-tolerable hives) would go away. Fortunately, I have connections (and I am shameless). I paged the on-call dermatologist after my left eye swelled almost shut and I had bruises from scratching in my sleep and finally got industrial doses of long-acting antihistamines and a steroid taper. Don't try this at home, kids. I finally got a few hours sleep and the "small pox" look that I was sporting is fading fast. Like i always say..."Better living through pharmaceuticals." Now, on with the wish list...

1. Better seats than Jack Nicholson for a title fight (preferably nowhere near Paris Hilton).

2. A large stoli martini up, with olives (shaken for long enough that the outside of the shaker ices up - if the olives are stuffed with blue cheese...all the better)

3. To have dinner with Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, preferably at a restaurant so their little rat dogs aren't shitting on the floor. (I heard War Pigs on the ride home tonight.)

4. 20 acres in the desert with an air-conditioned airstream and an old beat up jeep

5. A Jim Beam dispenser that looks like Elvis (Yabba Dabba Doo)

6. Never to have hives again. (Oh, and a poem about evil hives please).

Happy Wednesday!

You want martinis stuffed with blue cheese? Have you already been drinking martinis? :)
OLIVES stuffed with blue cheese are my favorite, I always ask bar tenders for an extra "skewer" of those!
Why, yes, Dima. I am a dumbass. It was most definitely OLIVES stuffed with blue cheese. YUM! Fixed. Thank you.
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