Saturday, June 24, 2006


So F'in Disturbing I Can't Stand It

So here I am downloading some new tunes off I-tunes. I'm a little disappointed because I've finally remembered that band I love when I was much, much younger - the Housemartins - and they're not available on I-tunes and take forever to be delivered from Amazon (this whole internet thing makes me want it NOW, NOW, NOW!).

This would be ok...if I hadn't noticed something on the far right. Number 6. That is the number that Paris Hilton's single ranked on I-tunes. Egads!!!

I don't wish ill on many people, but Paris Hilton? Absolutely. To whom much is given, at least SOMETHING is expected, dammit.

I am currently working on a poem about hives. It may or may not refer to you as a honey.
Can hardly wait for poem. However, I will wait until you finish this fabulous story about your parents' courtship. I'm usually not to sappy, but this story is so beautiful it makes my heart hurt. Now get back to writing.
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