Sunday, June 25, 2006


My Heart Aches...

If you're not already turned onto Nilbo's site, you must go check out the story of how his parents met. I'm not usually a sappy fool, but this story has me waiting for each new installment. Despite the fact that I know they must have ended up together (see:Nilbo), I still find a tension in the end of each new post. Nilbo, post more now, dammit.

Thank you for your kind words, Stampy. But shame on you for spoiling the ending. I'm sure people were thinking "Immaculate Conception" (especially as my mother is named appropriately), and now you've gone and ruined it.

More posts on their way. I'm managing to stretch 12 hours of real time into 100 hours at the keyboard. Now THAT is efficiency worthy of any government project.
I wrote you a hives poem ... it's on my dad's blog (Nilbo).
Nilbo is amazing, as is his ability to tell stories. I may hire him to read to Scott and I as we go to sleep every night. He's a good PapaBear.
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