Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Wish List Wednesday - Inaugural List

So I have this habit of making lists of things I'd like to have or do. Sometimes they are attainable. Sometimes not so much. But it makes me happy...

1. A fez

2. An actual "Dogs Playing Poker" oil painting

3. To find a way to introduce the word "antimacassar" into my daily conversation. Also, to know under what circumstances I might need words that rhyme with antimacassar. Or, better yet, for someone to send me a poem with the word antimacassar in it. (Can you tell I like saying/typing this word?).

4. To own a roller derby team.

5. Delicate ankles.

6. A law requiring all cafes/coffee shops/coffee carts to have a line for REGULAR COFFEE. Nothing is more demoralizing at 6am than to realize that you are standing behind at least 6 different non-fat, extra hot, with whip specialty drink orders.

ADDENDUM 1: Just realized that I spelled it "antimaccasar" all three times. That rocks. Embarrassing problem now fixed.

ADDENDUM 2: Make sure you scroll down to the "Dancing Man" translation of antimacassar. I feel a dance coming on...An suggestions for songs?

I wonder how much do antimacassars go for these days?
There was a young girl from Vassar,
Who was asked by her English Profassar.
"Is there something you dread
When it touches your head?"
She said, "Yassar, an antimacassar."


Thank you very much. I live to fulfill beautiful women's dreams.
Wow! Thanks Nilbo! I can't believe I never thought of Vassar. You are really on a roll today between poetry and "pontius pilates" with Sherri.

Next weeks wish list will definitely have a new poetry request...
I have "dogs playing poker" checks.

Last week, my dog ate my checkbook.
Wow, that's freaky. All my life I have wanted a real Velvet Elvis painting. (the one where there's a tear falling from his eye)

You so GET me.
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