Wednesday, May 17, 2006


What Cheeses Me Off

So today, I stopped at Starbucks on my way to see Ruby. I hate to contribute money to the Caffeine Deathstar (I prefer to support independent cafes), but I was desparate. Anyway, three guys were waiting for their drinks and one guy went to the restroom. When he came back, he was looking for his drink. Let me break in at this point and add that said guy was wearing a giant cross on a leather strap prominently displayed around his neck. As I picked up my drink (iced coffee, unsweetened, no room), I kindly told him that his friends had already picked up his drink. Without so much as a thank you, he stalked off out the door in front of me and let said door slam in my face.

Hey buddy, it seems Jesus forgot to teach you any common courtesy. Fuck you very much.

p.s. Apparently I have some anger issues.

But if you let Jesus lead you through life, doors will always open in your face, even Starbucks doors. In the words of George Michael: "you gotta have faith, faith, faith..."
Ok, now I'm just rambling. Don't expect those with bigger crosses to be nicer. Apparently they are so buddy-buddy with Jesus that they don't need to be nice to us mortals!
guess wearing that cross gives him the divine right to be rude....
THAT was a pretty good example of the difference between being religious and believe...

Religious people (I am talking about ALL religions here) think that wearing their paraphernallia allows them to be above common people... But if they only follow the teachings of their religion they would not be behaving like a**holes!

Better luck next time!
It's been my finding that the more overtly demonstrative people are with their "religion" the more full of hate they are. Basically, the louder they beat that drum....the bigger asshole fuck they are. But that's just me and my findings in the Deep South-- aka the Buckle on the Bible Belt.
I hate Starbucks too. I have experienced more nasty rude people there than any other single location I have ever been to. I am not kiding. Your post just made me think, "Of course that happened. That ALWAYS happens there."
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