Monday, May 01, 2006


Stampy’s Excellent Adventure – Part I/Day 1

First, and completely off topic, just let me say that hives suck. Hives – those red, raised, itchy welts that appear out of nowhere and blanket your body in the most attractive way. Believe it or not, this is my first experience with them. Sure, I’ve had wicked poison ivy, head-to-toe poison oak, and (I’m sure) a brush with poison sumac – all of these sucked in there own horrific way. But at least I knew the cause. I’m a very “cause and effect” kind of gal. Now, I just keep saying - Why? Why? Why? – like a particularly annoying toddler. And all I can do about these hives is wear long pants/long sleeves to hide as much as possible, take benadryl, and try not to itch. O.K. …enough bitching (I know, no such thing as “enough” bitching)…back to the adventures.

Last Saturday, I picked Waltzing Matilda up and we drove to Joshua Tree, California. Upon arrival, we headed immediately to the far end of the park, and began with the Forty-nine Palms oasis hike – an easy 4 mile warm-up.

The hike on the way in…

The Oasis…

Some funky, bamboo type plant that we liked…

Colorful cacti that always remind me of Tribbles…

Realizing we hadn’t eaten anything but coffee and Australian red licorice, we headed ot my favorite café in the area – Crossroads Café – for a wonderful late lunch. Finally, it was time to check into our motel – The Joshua Tree Inn. This inn was the former crashpad of Gram Parsons, Emmylou Harris, and others. I’d booked Room 8 – the room Gram Parsons drank himself to death on tequila and heroin cocktails.

While we were fresh out of both tequila and heroin, we did have a rather large supply of red wine, chocolate, and more red licorice. The wind was howling, so we decided to hang out and read the journal in which people write notes to Gram, about Gram, and about Gram’s ghost. Our favorite entry on artistic merit was this one…

But the most entertaining was the one where some chick kept spelling “desert” as “dessert”. I have since decided that my travelogue will be titled “Lost In the Dessert (sic)”.

And for being bitchy, Gram's ghost paid us back by repeatedly disconnecting the chain that flushed the toilet, and by making me dream about Tanya Tucker (don't ask). The adventure continues...

COOL! Those shots are fantastic.
Beautiful pictures. Looks very theraputic and relaxing.

I can't tell you how much it means that I get to say the following: I hope your rash clears up soon.

Thank you.
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