Tuesday, May 02, 2006


My Heart Aches...

I checkthis site out every so often...I keep toying with the idea of a pal for Hooch. You know, to keep him company when I'm at work. In no way is this for me AT ALL. But when I check the "special needs" puppies out, I am constantly amazed at the cruelty of my fellow man. Who could beat up a dog? Who would abandon a dog to move into a condo that doesn't take pets. In fact, there was once a dog on another site who didn't match the new color scheme. It makes me sick - really, physically, sick. And it's not just boxers, I know. I've always wanted a mastiff but haven't had the space. When I see a deaf white boxer, a blind mastiff, a dog that has been through the ringer and can still wag its tail, it makes me wish I'd been a vet.

stuff like that makes me ill.

too many people view pets as disposable items, not a commitment for life.

Equally as bad are people who do not spay and neuter, who own puppy mills and 95% of the people who breed dogs (in other words, 95% of the people breeding dogs shoudl not be doing so)...oh and pet stores that sell puppies and kittens.

all one can do it spay and neuter, adopt and resuce and promote both of those
Not matching the color scheme is a big deal! That's why I got a black cat, since black goes with everything :)

You're right, those people are sick! It not human to not love pets more than you love things!
Those stories make me want to cry. In fact, I do cry most of the time I hear about the mistreating of animals. They are, for the most part, defenseless.

I hate going to the humane society and other places with abused pets, because i want to take them all home.
A friend of mine is a boxer breeder and he takes his job very seriously. He makes the new owners sign a contract so that if they give up the dog, mistreat the dog or do anything not nice to the dog legally he gets to have the dog back. And he takes this very seriously. He follows up on his dogs for their whole lives. I wish more breeders did this.
I Love All Of You! (as does Hooch my boxer and all the other rescued animals out there). While I wrote this post, my very sweet puppy had his head on my leg and was snoring like a champ. I think what touched me the most was to realize how much trust he placed in me. Dagny's phtoos titled "unconditional" sums it up - they trust us unconditionally and love us unconditionally. Whether we "crush their heads", dress them up as a gay Elvis, or work long hours, they're always so happy to see us come home.

The one that hit me the worst on the boxer rescue page was the older guy in "special needs" who had so obviously had the shit beaten out of him yet still had that boxer smile on his face. Again, it makes me want to cry. One day, I'm opening my own animal sanctuary/wine bar (don't worry Marit - there will be Margaritas at the wine bar) and you will all be invited.
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