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O.k. I've said before that I am a complete computer/internet moron, so it was only recently that I figured out that IRL meant "in real life". I think the only reason I got that far was because I spend so much time in Southern Califonia traffic trying to figure out vanity plates. Hey, everyone needs a hobby.

This weekend, I had my first IRL blogger meeting - Sherri of the fire-red hair was kind enough to spend her Saturday sightseeing, eating, and drinking her way around Manhattan with me. It was awesome. We had a phenomenal time which I will post more on later. For now, I'll leave you with a picture from our ferry ride out to the Statue of Liberty.

Kind of makes you wonder how anyone else fit up on deck with us with all the wild hair we had between us. Apparently we had something working for us, because we were invited into the cockpit to meet the ferry captain and presented with passes to get inside the Statue (quite fortunate as we didn't know we needed reservations). A good time was had by all (not the ferry captain, you perverts - he was a gentleman). More details to follow. In the meantime, go cheer Sherri and her bruised ribs up with something nice.

hey i was in nyc too---mostly in the soho, tibeca and greenwich area on saturday and then everywhere on Sunday.

looks like you both were having fun!
IRL? Well I just learned something.

You guys look great. Can't wait until I hear and see more about this trip. Any crushing?
Methinks I should reconsider the bug glasses -- I look like an 80 year old. :-P

Had a great tiem and will be posting my recap shortly.
Awww. You guys are so cute!
No, no, no! Loved the bug glasses. In fact, I was jealous that I'd left my giant white ParisHilton/Olsen Twins peepers at home.
Aw! I can't wait to hear about the trip. I love Sherri!
double rawr.
You guys are too cute! How come no one ever comes to Chicago?
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