Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Dude, Where's My Post?

Um, okay. My post from yesterday is missing. The title is still there, but it appears the mediocre prose just up and disappeared. It must have been there earlier, because Sherri left a comment (and if it wasn't there she is psychic which would be just another superpower she possesses). Either that, or "I am half Irish" was enough to let the internet know about my blistering sunburn. What is happening?

The whole post showed up in Bloglines, but then it showed up later as a new post without any body, just a title.

Blogger sucks, man. >:(
DAMN IT! I had even left it unread so I could read it later! Now, there's only the title! Yeah, Blogger will eat a post now and then.
ouch ouch ouch

maybe you should go see a doc or something? (hehe)
Blogger is possesed by Tom Cruise.
Oh crap, if blogger is possessed by Tom Cruise, does this mean my computer will start bouncing up and down on my couch and insist on calling be my my full name instead of my childish shortened version? Much like frequently forgetting to back up my computer, this is my own irresponsible fault. I should compose posts in word and then copy them over, but I hate the added step.

Oh, and Dag, remember - Doctors are their own worst patients.
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