Sunday, April 02, 2006


Stupid People Tricks

So today, I met some friends at a local park to play some kickball and drink some beer. O.K. Their kids played kickball, but I was there for the beer. Anyway, across the park was a very elaborate set-up for a party. Fuzzy pink folding chairs, purple balloons, and loads of presents...Aha! A girl's birthday party. At the time, however, the only attendee was the Dad who was holding down the fort (and also drinking beer).

The next time I look over, the dad is holding a pinata up - BY HAND - while 14 little girls lined up to take a swing at it with a HUGE stick. After the first swing narrowly missed the dad's nuts, you could tell he was realizing this was not the brightest idea ever. But he kept holding it up and angry little girls with big sticks kept coming at him. Our group was completely hypnotized and without a cameraphone between us. (Un)Fortunately, he was not injured. But after a couple of close calls, he pulled a fast one and broke the pinata himself. Then he stood back and watched the little sugar junkies scramble on the ground. The next time I looked over, they were using the big stick as a limbo bar and the dad was in line. Some people never learn.

That is funny. It's a miracle they didn't bean him in the head. A good, if not so bright Papa.
I'm disappointed.

Quite frankly I would've enjoyed seeing pics of the dude getting racked in the netherregion.

Maybe i'm a masochist.
I'm with Hanni. I love me some daddy abuse.
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