Sunday, April 16, 2006


Some Things That Make Me Smile

1. Easter Brunch with friends (the only thing better being two Easter brunches with friends of which I cooked neither).

2. A good Bloody Mary made from scratch with chunky horseradish, tabasco, worcesteshire, crushed black pepper, and sea salt. I also think a stalk of celery is key (pickled green beans, asparagus, or olives just don't cut the proverbial mustard).

3. The song "Kung Fu Fighting". I love this song - it makes we want to dance like a spaz and sing along off key.

4. The story Small Blue Thingby Madison Smartt Bell. I first read it the Harpers 2000 Anniversary edition. Since then, I've said "Nevermore, I never said it," whenever I get the chance.

5. The following poem, "Eletelephony" by Laura E. Richards. It was the first poem I ever memorized and years of education hasn't led me to anything I appreciate more. It comes from a Romper Room poetry book in which I awkwardly wrote my name in black sharpie because my Nana once told me to write my name on all my belongings in waterproof marker. I think she meant toys, but she probably should have been a little clearer on that point. My parents and several pieces of furniture will attest to that. Anyway, enjoy the poem...

Happy Easter!
Mmmm, #2 sounds SO GOOD!

Hope you had a nice Easter!
Whoo, I think that Bloody Mary would be the end of me. Happy Easter (late)!
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