Wednesday, March 08, 2006


The Sweet Smell of Puppy

While we were getting ready to either go to bed or pour another glass of Chateau Neuf du Pape, I caught a whiff of Hooch. This time, fortunately for me, it wasn't a boxer fart. It was the sweet, warm smell of puppy. And here are some pictures of his odoriderous self...

I'm not a big fan of perfumes and colognes. There was one cologne that I can no longer remember the name of which, during a brief post-adolescent phase, I would hornily spot miles away. But if anyone ever bottles the smell of sweet, warm puppydog - well, I'll be the first to invest.

Warm kitten is nice too... unless it's warm Stinky Sphynxy kitten, in which case it undoubtedly smells like ass.

I also *really* am hot for the smell of potting soil.

PS I'm back Stampy!
Nice pelvis play toy.

Personally I live eau de wet dog myself.
AAAAAAGH. Hootch has killed again!

I had a boxer named Mollie when I was a kid. They have the MOST toxic farts.
he so needs to go play with josh!
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