Tuesday, March 28, 2006


My So Called "New" Life - The Photo Version

So, I finally found the camera cable...Here goes...

Hooch on the front porch (his new roost to watch all that happens in his domain)

The new kitchen with lots of counter space and, most importantly, a gas stove

The new (tiny) dining area...complete with wine fridge (currently almost empty)

The downstairs built-in bookshelf and the water rower (I know it's rather incongruous, but it doesn't fit anywhere else)...

The also small seating area. There are some photos which still need to be hung over the couch. It won't look this barren once I unpack the hammer and picture hangers.

And, finally, a very blurry picture of the stained glass front door. I tried to get a photo at night with it backlit. Apparently, if you don't want the flash to go off, you need to stand really still. Note to self: No espresso after 6pm if you're going to be taking pictures at night

Thus finishes the StampyDurst CRIBS tour of the downstairs. Stay tuned for upstairs pictures, outside pictures, and an explanation of why I'm spending another year in San Diego instead of moving to North Carolina like I was planning.

In other news...I just have to say that I am very happy that a dear friend (who happens to be the husband of a very dear friend) arrived home safely Sunday evening from 7 months in Iraq. Just after he left, she found out she was preggers. He returned to find her happy and healthy. And he is happy and healthy. We had a dinner party for them tonight. Although there are many things I am sad about, this is something that makes me smile. Yea for them!

I'm jealous because you have all that counter space in your kitchen! Very nice though!
I just found your blog - via AmandaB at veryzen - and I'm so glad! Great writing, interesting life. I look forward to getting to know you.

It sounds creepy when I say that, but I say it in a non-creepy way.
Dima-there is no such thing as too much counter space. As you can see, I moved a week ago and it's alread well used (read "cluttered).

annelynn-Welcome! Not creepy at all. And trust me, I know creepy. I'm pretty sure I dated him (and his brother, and his cousin, and his roommate from vocational technical school):)
whoo hooo nice place!

looks very comfy!

ok- what is a water rower?
A water rower is a rowing machine that has a tank filled with actual water for resistance vice the fly wheel on traditional rowers. It is very soothing to listen to when your muscles are trying to scream STOP!
(My So Called "New" Life, 3/28/06)

Oooh, you have a spiral staircase! I love those! I have considered putting one in. Even though we don't have a second floor (or, rather, someone else owns it), so it wouldn't actually go anywhere.
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