Thursday, February 09, 2006



Ruby thought I scanned that picture in. No. I took it. I don't know whether to be offended she thought I didn't take it, or flattered she thought I was high tech enough to travel with a scanner. Here are some other shots from the same day...

There were gorgeous black and white photos in my room, but there were none for sale in the fancy, schmancy gift shop. Apparently they were commissioned and numbered.

ADDENDUM: While observing the power of the falls (even semi-harnessed to a hydroelectric plant), I was in awe of the force, almost a violence, which with the water went over. I tried to capture that but didn't quite get it. A video clip might have had better effect but I'm still rockin' the pre-video clip canon elph. At any rate, the more I just sat and looked at the falls - the more of an understanding I had for people who feel the need to harness that power or ride that power. The dammers, the goin' over in a barrellers, all the wingnuts. And I was reminded of one of my favorite short essays by MFK Fisher entitled "For Those Who Must Jump." I tried to find a link on line, but failed miserably. I'll just have to get someone to scan it in for me when I get home. If you've read it - if you know the piece - you'll have some idea of how I felt standing at the top of the observation deck getting bathed in the mist.

water like that always gives me the shivers--
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