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So after almost 3 months of grey, rainy weather and methamphetamine driven car accidents full of open fractures, my time in Seattle is drawing to a close. As a final snub to me from the Emerald City, the sun has finally come out and has shone for 4 days straight. Ha, ha, ha! I was on call from Saturday AM until Sunday AM, went home and slept, and then went back to operate Sunday night. By the end of the weekend, I was broken. I was supposed to leave Monday AM for snowboarding in Mammoth but my hands hurt so much from operating I couldn't slip my clogs on let alone tie snowboard boots. So I did what any strong, educated woman would do...I ran away from home.

And straight to a spa. I am currently sipping a glass of red wine before 5 pm while sitting in a window. Said window is near a fireplace. Said window looks down on a roaring waterfall. A delicious bowl of smoked salmon chowder is in my future. Life is once again good.

And here's the view from good...

O.K. I'm lying. That's the view from down the walkway. I'm in that building up to the left. Cuz that's where the booze is. Hope everyone is well.

p.s. I leave tomorrow for the long drive back to San Diego - will probably take two days to do it. If anyone is sitting around bored, feel free to call and keep me lively. I promise to tell you some really bad jokes.

Sounds like you deserved the break kiddo. Have fun!!
Drive safely!
Manda B- How's home? How's the house? How's the chittlins and especially Mokee? If and when we meet IRL, will you really sound like a southern version of Triumph the comic insult dog? Because you do have his delivery down.

Dima - Have a great time with your "twin" in LA. I'll be thinking of you as I'm inching by in freeway traffic cursing the I-5 and whatever spawn of satan designed it.

If anyone wants to call and say hi, I'll post the number in the AM under these comments but only for a few hours (hoping to limit the freak traffic). Please note that reception can be shoddy through the mountains so if I don't pick up, it just means I can't find the phone on the floor or I've got no bars.
have a safe journey!!!
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