Sunday, February 26, 2006


The (Gay) Black Pirate

Friday night, I took a break from powerpoint and went to the symphony. They were showing the very first full-lenght technicolor film "The Black Pirate" starring Douglas Fairbanks. It was a silent film, and the symphony played the original score along with it. I love these kinds of things. I once saw "The Battleship Potemkin" while the Philadelphia Orchestra played in the background. Of course, that was in the summer at an amphitheater and was complemented by a gourmet picnic and booze. Totally different vibe.

At any rate, the movie was hilarious. Due to the lack of dialogue, all the actors overemoted and made ridiculous facial expressions to get the idea across. The extras looked like real people so there were many shirtless pirates who never saw a gym and never missed a meal. I couldn't help but think that, if made today, the pirates all would look like Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp and, somehow, be less entertaining. Of course, if it had been made today, perhaps Douglas Fairbanks would have been wearing PANTS. He spent almost the entire movie in a black short unitard with black mid-calf boots (Stevie Nicks must be so jealous). I thought this was just a byproduct of his character being shipwrecked (and a chance to show off Doug's stylin' biceps). Unfortunately, when his daring crew showed up later to rescue the maiden in distress, they were an entire boatful of unitards. If I had been a pirate, I'd have been nervous. And if I'd been the maiden, I'd be thinking, "Wouldn't you know it. All the cute ones are gay."
Potential Band Names:

Lady I Regret
I Thought I'd Die

I wish there were things like this in our area. Sounds like fun!
All the cute ones ARE gay!
The other ones are taken, and not all that cute anyway! :)
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