Monday, February 20, 2006


The Bitch is Back

I'm back in San Diego (view from my deck)...

...back with Hooch (he always starts out on the floor)...

and back to the grind. I have a huge community-wide presentation on "External Fixation In Acute Pelvic Ring Injuries" coming up on March 1st. Oh yeah, it's as exciting as it sounds. I'm hiring extra security for the stage divers. But after that, I promise to tell all the stories I've been teasing about...

1. The rest of the depression saga
2. The holiday party Ruby went to where there was a birthday cake for Jesus
3. The drunken debauchery of 3 drunks (alcoholics go to meetings) in Seattle
4. My new car and my new apartment...WHAT?

That's right. I'm cycling faster than Lance Armstrong, and in an effort to soothe my soul, I've decided to move closer to the beach and buy a car with a real roof.

Anyway, I'm keeping up with everyone via their sites. Please don't think I've stopped reading or writing. I just have to focus, focus...uh, what was I talking about? Oh yeah! Focus until March 1.

The view: not to shabby! San Diego is one of my favorite west coast spots. Party on :)
good luck withthe presentation-you know you may also want some body guards, you know so the fans do not follow your out to your tour bus.
Good luck Stampy. Kick ass!
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