Thursday, January 12, 2006


So a Guy Walks Into a Bar...

To continue with my depression post followed by humor, I present a joke I heard from my dear old wonderful Dad. In keeping with recent events (and as a tribute to the Texas clan), this will be a USC joke. Please adapt it at will to fit local rivalries...

A guy walks into a bar the day after the Rose Bowl and sits down next to some strangers. He orders a beer. Then he turns to the guy next to him...

"Hey, you wanna hear a joke about USC?"

The rather large gentleman looks obviously upset and says, "Hey, I went to USC and I weigh 220 pounds. The guy next to me went to USC and weighs 240 pounds. And the guy next to him went to USC and weighs 300 pounds. Do you still feel like telling that joke?"
The guy takes a sip of his beer and responds, "Well, no. Not if I have to explain it 3 times!"

Hook 'em horns! Just so long as they aren't playing Auburn.

Funny! I like the joke, I'll tell it around here about Notre Dame or Indiana or Iowa :)
hee hee.

Back in Blacksburg, the Hokies would use that against the WVU mountaineers.
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