Monday, January 23, 2006


A Plea To Cashiers

So, tonight I ran some errands after work and stopped at several commercial establishments. At one, I bought several bottles of my favorite Australian wine (I'd tell you which one, but you might start buying it, thus driving up the price, thus making it necessary for me to hurt you - no offense) and at the second I bought a pack of cigarettes. Yes, I'm a doctor. So sue me. At both stores, I got carded.

While I appreciate the fact that both cashiers thought I had a youthful visage, this was not an altogether happy experience. At the first place, the cashier said (loudly), "Wow, 30-something. You don't look 30-something." Needless to say, he didn't say "something". At the second store, the cashier said "19blah-de-blah? 19blah-de-blah?" O.K. Shut up already. While I'm flattered on some level, it is SO not necessary to point out that I am at least 10 years legal to buy booze and more than that to buy cigarettes. Isn't there some law about announcing how old a Young woman is? Now wonder I can't get a date.

I'm thinking about getting a fake ID to make me younger. How pathetic is that? I would just lie (I'm ok with lying in this case), but if a waitress screams out my real age, there goes my game. And trust me...I need all the game I can get.

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