Friday, January 06, 2006


Oh poor pitiful me...

So I just spent a good while composing a big, long whining post about how I'm feeling pale and fat and sad and ugly and flat chested (no, I am not pms-ing) but I just couldn't bear to inflict it on you. Here's the Readers Digest condensed version...

1. Went to the tanning booth today to combat seasonal affective disorder and white girl glow in the dark disorder. Will worry about increased cancer risk later.

2. Am tanning a pattern of two cherries connected by a stem onto my hip just for fun. Have still not decided on a tattoo design. Consider this practice. Can only see a faint outline so far but have 9 more prepaid sessions. Will post photo if it works.

3. Pregnant friend left message saying she had to go buy a DD bra. If bras were batteries, my watch and I could share lingerie. Thoughts of implants are dancing through my flat little head.

4. The problem with medicine is that the more you learn, the stupider you feel. There is always more to learn. While that is exciting on many levels, right now it's terrifying. i just found out that I have a job as an orthopedic surgeon beginning this August in coastal North Carolina (it was my top choice). Unfortunately, I can't enjoy the news because I have to generate a big research project, do a citywide presentation on an as yet undecided topic, and prepare for a huge national licensing exam in July. Oh yeah, and I'm still working crazy hours and pulling overnight call. Yes, I know. I made my own bed. I'd just like to sleep in it sometimes.

End of rant. I have funny Ruby, et al holiday stories to post but needed to vent a little first.

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