Sunday, January 29, 2006


The Liver is Evil and It Must Be Punished

The title is a quote stolen from a t-shirt seen at Pike's Market this weekend. The other relevant t-shirt read "Seattle Rain Festival - January 1 through December 31." It has been un-fucking-believable how much it is raining. Even by Seattle terms. I would be suffering from a raging case of Seasonal Affective Disorder except I had some most excellent visitors this weekend. Friday night, Ruby and another awesome friend who shall be henceforth known as "Tammi Faye" (please imagine a heart dotting the "i") flew into Seattle for a raging weekend.

I'll tell the whole story - in all it's tacky, white-trash details - over the course of this week. We made many new friends and sacrificed many unnecessary brain cells. We said words that shouldn't come out of the mouths of cultured young women. We drank small vintage wines from Tuscany. We tried to pick up one of the fish-throwers at the market (he was smokin') for me, of course (Ruby and Tammi Faye are happily married) but, unfortunately were pulled away by a wine tasting. We had more fun than anyone should have with a label maker....

So that should stimulate your curiousity. For now, I just want to post a picture of my Xmas gift for Squirrel Nuts (Ruby Jr.).

I couldn't post it earlier because Ruby reads daily. I suppose I could've actually mailed it to Squirrel Nuts on time. But that's just not my style. I'm Aunt Stampy, and she's my little rocker.

Hope all is well with everyone. And thanks for everyone's support for the depression posts. The story isn't over. Oh no, far from it. I'm just taking a break from it while I'm feeling blissfully happy and warmed by friendship. Ruby and Tammi Faye (heart over the "I"), thanks again for the visit. It meant the world...

Squirrel Nuts' shirt rawks! (Maybe you should e-mail me with where you got it...)

Glad you had fun with Ruby and Tammi-with-a-heart-Faye.
Glad you had good friends around you to make the rain less blechy.
Friends always make things better
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