Saturday, January 07, 2006


I Thought It Was a Joke

Sorry for four posts in one night, but I was watching TV and this unbelievable commercial came on the television. Honest to Jeebus, I thought it was an SNL commercial. No! It's real. You have to check this out...

Doggy Steps

p.s. Thanks to Hanni for the instructions on how to link. If it works, it's all her. If it doesn't, blame me. Everyone else does.

seriously--i have a dog or two i was thinking of making a ramp for...seriously
I suppose it's no more ridiculous than my dad pulling his suv over to a bench in our garden so my old Husky/Lab mix "Crazy" didn't have to jump so far. Besides, old labs and dalmations look much cooler going up and down steps than those itty-bitty purse sized dogs.

But I still think that commercial ranks up there with "the clapper".
Awww. That's cute- the commercial is a little 80's-surrealist though. My dog AnnaBelle could use some of those, so I don't have to hoist her 80 pound ass in and out of bed. ;)
yeah the froofroo dogs can be lifted--sheesh..dust bunnies
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