Monday, January 02, 2006


Bring It On!

O.K. My new, all-time favorite show which I will watch and record religiously is Rollergirls on A&E. The season premiere was tonight, and IT ROCKED (or rolled, as the case may be). It has everything - violence, alcohol, rollerskating, and awesome nicknames. My favorites:

Venis Envy
Miss Conduct
General Lee Feisty

This episode featured a rousing battle between the Rhinestone Cowgirls and the PDF (Putas del Fuego). One of the key dramatic moments was when the rookie (Venis) was trying to explain roller derby to her mom. I'm sure my mouth was hanging way open as I snorted for air while trying to imagine telling my mom that I was in the roller derby. Shit, it would be worth trying out just to see her face. Other reasons to watch? There are three quotes in the commercial that I can't wait to see in context...

1. "I don't have a problem with authority. I just have a problem with people telling me what to do."
2. "She has a problem." "Yeah, her problem is she messes with other girls' boyfriends."
3. "Ma'am have you ever been arrested?" "Are you serious?"

And to top it all off - the rookie"s boyfriend said, after her first match, "I don't think I could be any prouder of you." My eyes teared up. No shit. Stay tuned for more fishnets and bruises. I know I'll be watching. And I may just have to get a new pair of skates.

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