Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Wish You Were Here

Dear Mama,

I'm really enjoying my time here in Seattle. I've been helping lots of people with broken bones and dislocated joints. They are very appreciative, too. Yesterday, a nice young man whacked out on crystal meth crashed his motorcycle and his leg was all poned up. When I tried to help him by putting the bones back where they belong (to restore blood flow, mind you), He called me a "dumb cunt". When he finally crashed down off his recreational drugs, he looked just like a little angel snoring away.

Oh yeah, and the weather here is beautiful.


ah c. u. next. tuesday....

that's what we didn't want to post in comments, gotcha!
Awww. Very sweet. Except for the whole "dumb cunt" bit. That was a little rude of him.

Hey can you artificially inseminate me? You know, for free and stuff? ;D
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