Saturday, December 24, 2005


Hey there, Cupcake!

So I have this new fascination with cupcakes. Don't get me wrong...cakes, pies, and cookies rock, too. It is the very independence of the cupcake - it's ability to be carried without a plate, eaten without a fork, consumed without sharing - that I adore. I bought my mom a new cupcake cookbook for Christmas and now I think I'm going to have to go back and get one for myself. (I also have my eye on some of those brightly colored silicon cupcake pans. I am a sucker for brightly colored kitchen gadgets.) This whole obsession was rekindled by an ad in one of Seattle's free weekly newspapers (The Stranger) for a local bakery (Cupcake Royale). This is what they were advertising...

O.K. They're not so beautiful but they were to begin with. Blame it on several hours in rainy, holiday traffic with my dad holding them in the back of a jeep wrangler (neither Dad nor cupcakes were happy at the end of the day). And forget their physical appearance...They are beautiful on the inside...

That's right! They are RED VELVET CUPCAKES with CREAM CHEESE ICING! These are only one of my favorite childhood memories. Unfortunately, my mom never made RVC and so no recipe got passed down. My friends grandmother took hers to the grave. If anyone has a recipe to share, please send it on. My tastebuds thank you (and my thighs curse you).

Happy Cupcake Days!

Oh my god I think I heart you. :0
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