Sunday, December 25, 2005


Fa ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra ra!

Yes, it's that time of year again...24 hours of "A Christmas Story" on TNT. Nothing says holiday fun like tongues stuck to metal poles, gifts from "fra-gee-lay", toys that put your eye out, and the beheading of a Chinese Xmas duck. God bless the Bumpus hounds. I am on call for Xmas, so this is my Xmas post.

We had a wonderful Christmas eve. It started out wonderfully - I didn't have to go in today so I got to sleep in. When I was younger (i.e. before I started med school), I used to say "plenty of time to sleep when you're dead". Now, I love-nay I covet-sleep. I woke up, got in a workout, then went with my parents to Pike's Market. Consider this my festive holiday photo...

Many people have taken a photo of the market sign from the front. Here it is from behind the scenes.

We opened our presents on Xmas eve. The gifts for the 'rents went well, and I got wonderful gifts (more details on both later).
We had a phenomenal Xmas eve dinner with other freaks and stragglers in Seattle (again, more details later). Many family secrets were shared by all. My favorite holiday story, however, came from Ruby. There was a message on my cell phone when Ruby and Ruby Jr. (aka Squirrel Nuts) had to leave mass for behavioral issues. They walked out to the nativity scene out front of the church to admire Jesus in his cradle. Ruby Jr. took one look at him and stated, "that baby pooped". My sentiments exactly.

Merry Holidays to all, and to all a secular night!

oh f..u..d..g..e...only i didn't way fudge, i said THEE word, the 4 letter, f, dash dash dash word, the queen mother of dirty words
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