Thursday, November 03, 2005



Don't worry. The word for the day thing may be a recurring theme, but i'll try not to bore you with it everyday. However, I would ask that you try to incorporate the words in a sentence during the day. Preferably at a completely inappropriate time. Some of the words will be words that I love the sound of (onomatopoiea), others will be words with obscure meanings, some will be things I just can't believe someone put in the Dictionary.

Today, I give you HOOCH. As noted in the first post, one definition of Hooch is "spirits of questionable provenance" such as bathtub gin during prohibition. Here's another one...

He is a good spirit, but also of questionable provenance. I'll tell you all about him (til you're begging me to stop). Internet, meet Hooch. Hooch, the internet.

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